The Controller's Office is in the process of restructuring its people, systems, and processes to deliver more
timely and meaningful administrative and business support to faculty, staff, and students.

To this end, the University's Cashier Office located in Leahy Hall will close permanently at the close of business on March 15, 2019. Thereafter, deposits can be made into the secure Deposit Dropbox located within the General Accounting Office at office 155. It is strongly recommended that neither cash,checks, nor credit card information be sent through campus mail.

  • All deposits should be placed into an envelope and include a fully completed deposit ticket with contact and chartfield information.
  • Items deposited into the Deposit Dropbox will be retrieved daily and processed for the next business day. A receipt will be emailed to the contact noted on the deposit ticket confirming the deposit has been processed.
  • The Deposit Dropbox will accept cash, checks, and credit card information for all University business except for donations/gifts and student tuition payments. If you have the following types of deposit, please remit your deposits to the following location:
Deposit Type Responsible Office Location
Donations or gifts University Advancement Services E200, Father O’Connell Hall
Attention: Amy Phillips
Student tuition payments Office of Enrollment Services W200, Father O’Connell Hall
All other deposit type not
specified above
Deposit Dropbox Leahy Hall, General
Accounting, near Office 155

If you have any questions regarding a deposit, please contact Treasury Services at