Use the Inter-Departmental Charge Request Form to recover expenditures incurred in the transfer of goods and/or services between university departments.  Examples include: an advertisement in The Tower newspaper, rental of campus owned vans, department paying for the guests for campus housing, etc.
Inter-Departmental Charges do not require Budget Office approval.

Budget Considerations 

If the funds in the source Department are not sufficient to cover the payment of the invoice, or if no budget exists for the Department, then the Department may require re-budgeting. Please contact your Budget Office representative prior to submitting any requests in such instances.

Specific Form Field Instructions

Fiscal Year:  The University’s fiscal year runs from May 1 to April 30. Deadlines for year-end requests are published to the campus in advance of April 30. Requests received after those deadlines will be processed in the next fiscal year.

Purpose/Reason for Transfer:  An explanation is required for all interdepartmental charge payment requests for audit purposes.  Please e-mail a copy of the invoice along with Inter-Departmental Charge Request Form

Accounts Used:  Please use Account 8903 – Inter-Departmental Charges.

Receiving Department:  Department receiving the service/goods.

Provider Department:  Department providing the service/goods.

Fund: Please note these restrictions:

  • Funds 71 and above cannot be used.
  • Due to the unique regulations involved, Inter-departmental charges related to Fund 26 and 27 need to be requested using the Sponsored Accounting Cost Transfer Form on the Sponsored Accounting Office website and submitted to Sponsored Accounting.

Project:  Necessary for any transfers involving project funds (Fund 39, 53 only)

Approvals Required and Completion:  The financial manager of the Receiving Department must approve the request.  Approvals may be physical signatures or electronic.  Physically signed forms may be scanned and emailed to