Making an Appointment, through Cardinal Hire, can be completed in 3 easy steps:

  1. Pull up a 1Grant Report.- Check to make sure there is enough money to cover the salary in the salary line of the
    budget, in the available funds column, (Z100).
    - Repeat this step for Fringe Benefits, (Z101) and F&A or Indirect costs, (Z601).
    - If there is not enough money in these budget lines, funds may need to be moved from another budget line in accordance with sponsor rules and permissions. For example, some sponsors may not permit budget movements greater than 5% of the total program budget without specific agency approval. Send an email to a Grants Coordinator to request a Budget Amendment, stating the budget line or lines you want to move money from, where you want the money moved and the amount you want moved.
    - By completing a budget amendment before the Appointment/EDF is sent out for signatures, you reduce the opportunity for delay as Sponsored Accounting reviews your submission.
    - If there are not enough funds to cover an Appointment/EDF but you know you will receive an increment soon, please do not send it out until you have been notified by
    the Sponsored Programs Office. We cannot process an Appointment until we receive a “Notification of Increment of Award” from the Sponsored Programs Office.
  2. Once you are sure that funds are available for the Appointment
    - From your 1Grant Report, check the end date of the grant to make sure the term of employment does not extend beyond the end date of the grant. It is important to fill in the start date and end date because salary will be calculated and paid based on the dates provided.
    - Complete the form including required signatures. Pay special attention to the position number and the Empl ID number to avoid delays within Human Resources and the Budget Office. You must complete the Chatfield information – Fund#, Org#, Class and Project ID on the form as referenced on the top, right-hand corner of the 1Grant Report.
  3. Follow the steps in Cardinal Hire to complete your Appointment.