• Grant Basics

  • Proposal and Awards Setup

  • Administering the Grant

  • Budget and Reporting

  • Post Award and Grant Closeout

    • Sponsored Accounting is responsible for submission of all external financial reports. Although Sponsored Accounting has the responsibility for timely submission of external financial reporting, the PI must certify the accuracy of what is reported. Please respond promptly when Sponsored Accounting contacts you regarding the accuracy and appropriateness of financial submissions. For federal awards, we will forward financial reports for your review within four to eight weeks after the award end date.
    • Funds may not be obligated after the termination date of the sponsored agreement. The PI is responsible for ensuring that all purchases of equipment, supplies, or services are completed prior to the close of business of the final day of the award period. The Office of Grants and Contracts will not approve expenditures for items purchased after the close-out date. The PI should coordinate with the Office of Sponsored Programs if he or she wants to request a no-cash extension to the project.
      In order to ensure the grant is closed out within required deadlines, for federal grants, the PI should submit all payment documentation within 45 days from the end of the project date for any purchases that occurred within the project timeframe. For non-federal grants, the PI should contact the Office of Grants and Contracts for deadlines.
      The Office of Grants and Contracts will work with the PI to produce final reports of activity for the sponsor and to close out any remaining funds, under the terms of the agreement, as allowed by federal or sponsor regulations.
  • Other Compliance Requirements