• I checked my 1Grant report and do not have any funding left. Can I submit my travel reimbursement for travel within the grant period?

    No, unless there is already an open purchase order for the travel that has encumbered award funds, the travel occurred within the award period, has occurred within the current fiscal year and the request is being submitted with 15 days of your travel and within 60 days of the grant expiration (or sooner if prescribed by your award).
  • I checked my 1Grant report and see that I have money just not on the needed budget line.

    Make sure you have reviewed your agency agreement to ensure that funds may be moved. Contact the Grant Coordinators by e-mail and request a budget amendment. They will also verify what lines may be moved and in what amounts.
  • My Grant has expired. May I still submit a subcontractor’s invoice?

    Yes, so long as the work was performed within the award period and the invoice is submitted AND paid within sixty (60) days of the award’s expiration. There can be unusual conditions for subcontracts and private awards so please check with Sponsored Accounting.
  • My grant is about to expire and I have money remaining. Can I spend it?

    Any and all expenses charged to an award must directly benefit the selected award. You cannot obligate any money after the expiration date. If obligated before the award’s expiration by University purchase order, and as long as such expenses further the research goals of the award, you may spend it. All money that leaves the grant must be encumbered or expensed prior to or on the award expiration date. You may request from the Office of Sponsored Programs, a no-cost extension but you must do so before the award expires. You must not spend any money beyond the end date until you have received specific notice from the Office of Sponsored Program that your extension has been granted.

  • I received a notice that my pcard charges were in error. What should I do?

    There are many reasons why this situation may occur. It may be that your charges were not reclassified or reclassified properly. It may be that they were reclassified but the org to which you moved them is underfunded or out of date. Also, errors may occur if the chartfields are not accurate or complete. Check your 1Grant report for the full chartfield and use the Suntrust ESP drop down menus as available. If you are not sure why the error has occurred after reviewing, please contact Sponsored Accounting.