Procurement Card

Related to sponsored awards, the cardholder must allocate charges by the monthly deadlines (typically by the 7th of the month however, cardholders should be reviewing, approving and reclassifying charges on a weekly basis. The reclassified transaction will post to the chosen grant org. within a few days. In the rare case that charges not allocated by deadline they must be transferred by Cost Transfer Form with the required explanation. All expenses must “further the research goals of the award.” Additionally, all receipts must be uploaded to the SunTrust ESP system immediately. The availability of receipts for all transactions is an A-133 audit requirement. Cardholders that do not follow the procurement card policies and procedures may lose their card privileges.

More information on the University Procurement Card can be found here.


In order to receive a timely reimbursement, it is important to correctly complete the Travel Reimbursement Form to be familiar with the University's Travel Policy.  Please visit the University's Travel Page prior to submitting a reimbursement request and be aware of the following:

  • PI’s should make sure there are funds available in the travel budget of their grant prior to sending the travel reimbursement request. If no funds are available, they should “request a funds transfer” in writing and send it with the travel reimbursement request.
  • Original, itemized receipts are required. Receipts/documentation must be organized, labeled, and legible. Original receipts must be taped or stapled to letter-sized paper (8.5"x11") so that when a copy is made all the receipts can be seen distinctly. For auditing purposes, one must submit receipts, not just itineraries. The travel expense report form is found here
  • If traveling outside of the US, calculate the amount spent in US dollars ($). Each receipt should have the amount spent in US dollars written next to the total. The expense report itself should only have US dollar amounts on it. The Sponsored Accounting Office uses Attach a printout of the conversion to the travel expense form. Use the date the expense was incurred when determining the US value of foreign currency. If you use a different currency conversion site, the reimbursement amount may not match the request you have submitted.
  • For travel by personal auto car, submit a Google map of the route with the number of miles traveled, and use the government’s per-mile rate for reimbursement located at the Travel link below. The Google Maps website will precisely calculate the destination mileage. Do not also submit fuel receipts, speeding or red light tickets, or repair bills for personal auto use. However, you should submit any toll receipts.
  • There are two different ways to be reimbursed for meals, by reporting the actual expense of each meal or claiming per diem for each day of official travel. Traveler may choose either method, but must be consistent throughout the entire trip. For actual expense reimbursement, an original receipt is required for meals that are $10 or more. If the meal is under $10, record the exact amount of each meal. A list of all meals priced at exactly $10 per meal will not be accepted per the policy. The preferred method is to use a meal per diem for each travel day. The rates for this can be found on the web at for domestic rates and at for foreign rates. Indicate whether claiming actual expense reimbursement or per diem reimbursement by making the selection on the travel expense report form.