The PI has sole responsibility for accomplishing the technical goals of the project. These technical goals must be accomplished in compliance with financial and administrative policies and regulations as provided by CUA and the sponsor. CUA’s default position is compliance with federal regulations for all sponsored awards, federal and non-federal. Although a PI may have support staff, whether research or administrative, to help them achieve their research objectives, it is always the PI’s ultimate responsibility to ensure that all activities and personnel on a project comply with all relevant policies and regulations. To ensure that other staff is working to appropriately support the sponsored award goals, the PI should meet with their respective administrative and research staff at least monthly to review research progress, direct expenses and budget availability for their sponsored awards.

The fundamental responsibilities of the PI at CUA during the post-award phase include:

  • Executing the sponsored project as outlined in the award documents;
  • Reviewing grant budgets and all expenditures at least monthly to assure their appropriateness;
  • Authorizing only those expenditures that are reasonable and necessary to accomplish the project goals and are consistent with the sponsor’s terms and conditions;
  • Spending no more than the amount authorized by the sponsor for the budget period and requesting any appropriate no-cost extension (NCE) well in advance of the Project End Date;
  • Resolving any amount expended in excess of the award amount;
  • Reporting project progress to the sponsor as scheduled and providing timely response to requests from Sponsored Accounting staff for any requested Effort Certifications, Progress Reports, Final Financial Reports (FFR), Grant Closeouts and any other documentation that may or may become necessary;
  • Complying with all CUA Policies and procedures related to project management and personnel practices;
  • Maintaining all supporting files and documentation for three (3) years beyond the end date of the award;
  • Complying with all applicable sponsor rules, regulations and/or terms and conditions of the award;
  • Ensuring that all expenses are allowable, allocable and applicable to the grant charged (See OMB Circular A-21, Section J). If unsure, call Sponsored Accounting;
  • Supervising research staff assigned to the award;
  • Procuring needed services and supplies to further the research goals of the award and in compliance with CUA policies and procedures;
  • Approving subrecipient invoices quickly when requested by Sponsored Accounting;
  • Completing all Progress and Technical Reports as such reports are neither reviewed nor monitored by Sponsored Accounting;
  • Reviewing, at least monthly, grant financial summary (1Grant) and run the Drilldown tool to review specific financial activity;
  • Reviewing weekly PCard software (ESP), completing needed reallocations and receipt uploads within the required timeframe; and
  • Properly completing Cost Transfer Forms as needed and directed.