The Payment Request form can be used by staff and faculty to facilitate the approval and payment of certain vendor payments and expense reimbursements.  

Once initiated by the requestor, the request will be routed to designated department authorities and Accounts Payable for review and approval. Depending on the nature of the request, additional approval may be required by other administrative units. Supporting documentation is required for all payment requests.  Please allow 7-10 business days for processing.

The following types of transactions may be processed using a Payment Request Form; otherwise, payment must be made with the University Procurement Card or via Purchase Order in accordance with the University Procurement Policy.

The Payment Request forms can be accessed in Cardinal Financials. Please contact should you need additional training.

  • Honorarium

    • See Honorarium policy-
    • Services by non-resident aliens should be planned for in advance. Please Note: The individual receiving the honorarium is responsible to provide the ITIN to Accounts Payable. The department requesting the honorarium is responsible for ensuring the direct payment request is complete.
  • Membership Dues

    • Payment for subscriptions (Account 2052) and membership (Account 2800).
    • If an order form/invoice is to be sent with the payment, an extra copy should be attached.
  • Petty Cash

    • Starting or replenishing petty cash. If replenishing, original receipts must be attached and business purposes must be noted.
  • Employee Non-travel Reimbursements

    •  Original receipts must be attached noting the business purpose.
  • Athletic Game officials

    • Athletics department only. Please use Account 1608
  • Catholic University Press Reader’s Report

    • Catholic University Press only. Pleas use Account 1613.
  • Annuities

    • Treasury Services only. Pleas use Account 8500.
  • Royalties

    • Catholic University Press and Sponsored Accounting only. 
  • Employee Deduction Payment

    • Payroll and Human Resources only.
  • American Express

    • University President’s Office only.
    • Statement and receipts should be attached noting with the business purpose for each transaction.
  • Attorney Fees, Legal Fees, Legal Settlements, and other Legal transactions

    • Legal and patent fees that can be reasonably established and are managed by the Office of General Counsel and Vice Provost for Research.