• Q: What are the benefits of using PaymentWorks?

    A: PaymentWorks enables vendors to provide sensitive information in a secure format and eliminates the need for departments to gather information. Vendors will now be able to provide information electronically through PaymentWorks and will also have a portal to update their ACH banking information and/or remit addresses as needed. PaymentWorks will assist the university in validating information provided by vendors and it will automate certain steps such as checking various sanction lists.
  • Q: Where can CUA Personelle send out invitations for vendors to register?

    CUA Employees can use the SSO Link HERE.
  • Q: Where can Vendors register in PaymentWorks?

    Supplier Registration Page Link HERE.
  • Q: If vendors are having trouble with PaymentWorks, who do I contract?

    A. When logged into PaymentWorks, vendors can access help resources by clicking on the Help link in the upper-right section of the screen. If necessary, use the "Contact Support" option to submit inquiries and/or to report issues.
  • Q: How do vendors update their identity, ACH banking information, address?

    A: All vendor updates will be managed through PaymentWorks. Existing suppliers who wish to update their address, identity information, or ACH banking details will process changes in PaymentWorks.
  • Q: Can vendors see the payment status of their invoices in PaymentWorks?

    A: Yes. Access your PaymentWorks profile and review the invoice payment status by accessing the Invoices tab.
  • Q: Can vendors submit invoices to PaymentWorks?

    A: No. All vendor invoices MUST be submitted electronically via email to "cua-accountspayable@cua.edu", with a valid CUA Purchase Order number printed on the invoice for timely payment.
  • Q: If a vendor has not responded to their registration invitation, can a CUA employee resend the invite?

    A: No. Do not re-send invitations unless the vendor notifies you that they did not receive the initial e-mail. Vendors will receive reminder notices: e-mail notifications are automatically generated by PaymentWorks:
    1st reminder – 3 days
    2nd reminder – 7 days
    3rd reminder – 14 days
    4th reminder – 21 days
    5th reminder – 28 days